5 Easy DIY Projects to Repurpose Those Items You Put In Storage

Whether you’re moving into a new space or sprucing up your home, Clutter is here to make your life more convenient. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on new decor or spend hours playing Tetris with all the items in your storage unit. Whenever you’re ready to refresh your home, select a storage item from our online inventory and we’ll bring it straight to your door so you can get started on one of these simple and chic DIY projects.

If you already use Clutter, then you know that we don’t only help you pack and transport your extra items to a secure storage facility but, we also photograph and catalog each item so you don’t forget what you’re storing! Chances are you have some old books, clothes, appliances, or pieces of furniture locked away. Well, it’s time to learn how to repurpose those old items into trendy home decor that will have your friends begging you to be their interior designer.




We took the most commonly stored items and found some of the chicest, simplest ways to repurpose them. Check out our 5 favorites below:
1 | Old Sweaters + A Stool 

Reupholstering may not sound simple but we promise it’s easier than you think. Just find an old, unwanted sweater with a nice pattern and use it to add some color to a stool or chair. Click here to learn how to transform a plain old stool into a seat fit for a monarch.



2 | Plain Sweaters + Pillows

Don’t have a stool or chair you want to reupholster? Then try adding some texture to your living room by using that lumpy sweater grandma gave you to upcycle a boring couch pillow. We personally love how this Anthropologie-inspired pillow by Kathryn of mox & fodder turned out (her dog Zuzu is pretty cute, too). Learn how to make your own here.

DIY Textured Spiral Pillow


3 | Broken Dresser 

Living in a small place with not enough storage space? We’ve all been there before. Use blogger Paige Davis’ DIY hack to repurpose a less than perfect dresser and fulfill your perfect kitchen dreams. Find out how she turned junk into something with spunk on her blog, Southern Curated.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset


4 | Old Dresser

An old dresser, some tape, and a good coat of paint can go a long way. If you have an old dresser that just needs some TLC, don’t go chasing waterfalls. Just check out this rustic modern DIY from Hawthorne And Main.

Hawthorne and Main


5 | Hard Cover Books 

If you’re anything like us, you probably have an entire library of books that you swore you would read some day. Give new life to the books that are way past due. Take a look at A Piece of Rainbow’s novel idea to build yourself a shelf that will be the Belle of the ball.


So what are you waiting for? Tell the Clutter crew which item you want from your storage and start transforming your home from 🙈 to 😍!


Header Image: Twenty20 / @amandarydell 

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